The very important things to consider

We recommend you to keep in account the following tips when traveling to Zanzibar and avoid all the inconveniences that might happen to the visitors travel tips.

Entry Requirements

A valid passport and Visa are required from visitors. You can obtain visa from the Tanzania Diplomatic Mission or upon your arrival at the point of entry. The rate of the Visa varies according to the types, duration and nationality. It is advisable to check this well in advance in order to avoid inconveniences.

Health and Safety

Transit travelers coming to Zanzibar from endemic areas even for a brief stay are strongly advised to protect themselves with vaccination against Yellow Fever at least two weeks prior to their departure. It is advisable to take precocious measures, particularly mosquito repellent and wearing long – sleeved shirts and trousers in the evening. Note that the best preventative for Malaria is not to get bitten by the mosquitoes.

Money Currency and Exchange

Tanzania uses a shilling (Tanzania shilling) Notes are in the denomination of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 shillings. Coins are in the order of 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. You can change money in the banks, bureaus and other specified areas. Exchange rate varies from place to place and according to the time. Only few areas accept credit cards and travelers cheques.


Most residents of Zanzibar are Muslims but there are also Christians, Hindus and other faiths. If you not a Muslim you are not allowed to enter mosques. Photographing of the mosque interior from the doorway is not allowed during prayers. In the Islamic holly month of “Ramadan” (dates change) Muslims are fasting you may find it difficult to find food during the daylight hours. Some specified restaurants are allowed to serve the tourists. Contact the Commission for Tourism for advice. You are requested not to eat, drink or smoke in the public during this month.Churches and temples are available. The Anglican Cathedral at Mkunazini and Minara Miwili Church offer regular services on Sundays and special holidays.